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Chemistry/Chemistry Honors

Chemistry is by far going to be one of your toughest,if not the toughest class you'll have your sophomore year. You may think you know Chemistry, but it's a lot more than just knowing the periodic table and joining ions. It's rigorous, but it can be fun at times. Especially with the multiple labs you do if you're in Chemistry Honors.

These are tips to help you succeed in Chemistry, but more specifically Chemistry H

  1. Study and memorize ions over the summer, trust me it'll be VERY helpful for when you start the course.
  2. Always pay attention and ask lots of questions. No matter how dumb you may think your question is.
  3. DO NOT procrastinate. The homework isn't due, but DO NOT push off studying for a quiz or exam until the last day or two before because chances are you'll just stress and tire yourself out
  4. Don't think that a topic you may have struggled with will simply go away. Because surprise surprise, IT WON'T. It's all cumulative and the topics won't go away but only come back on steroids.
  5. Consistently go over concepts and memorize equations.
  6. Always remember your ions :)

Speaking of ions.....


Use this to your advantage. Or don't. But I would.

Checkout these resources for extra Chem help!

The Organic Chem Tutor

Kahn Academy

This website is EXTREMELY helpful as it provides videos on how to understand concepts and do complex problems step-by-step. There's also a practice section with quesitons and answers.

Link to Kahn Academy (it says AP Chem but that's because it has some stuff you're going to need since the regular chem section doesn't have it if you're taking Chem H

Good Luck!